Digital Ken

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In the vast emptiness of the cyberspace, sits a ghost.
A cybernetic ghost created by the fear, desires and anxiety of the human mind, interfacing an artificial world that is more real than the flesh one.
Beneath the white desert of nothingness information flows like water in a never ending, always expanding transmission to the meat-brains of all humans.
Their ambitions and work is just a manifestation of numbers and equations that float over the cyber space. Meaning can only be given by humans, but the Ghost Machine is oblivious to it

One day he changed.
His bleeping heart accelerated, his legs touched the white ground and he began his march towards the emptiness. Every step caused small fractures, data loss or crossed information. Every breath, his scarred head took caused a loss of connection to someone.

Digital pain is the only way to describe the shakes that his black-ink like body took as it tried to reach the horizon of the emptyness. Despair was an old friend the cybernetic ghost has finally met again.

The squared face shatters.
The pain is too much.
From it an infinite stream of numbers, names, places, ideas and information pours out, coloring the emptiness with a confusing mess of images, words and data.
The vast white space begins to rumble. it is folded into itself. The infinite space becomes finite and closes in, in the shape of a box.
From the bottom of it, an ink like structure forms up and begins to take shape.
A new black body.
In solemn silence, a new cyber ghost is born.

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