Floating Inspiration

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Inside every us there is a doorway to another world.
Some of us deal with this differently. We brush it off, we sell the bad things we did or think inside this another world, or we deny its existence by locking it away all the creatures and landscapes that live in said world.

But there is a type of person who takes the plunge and floats into this different realm of though.

It is said this is a special talent, a creative pulse some are gifted.
However, just like swimming in a pool, practice makes perfect. Exploring an entire realm of your mind, shaping it as much as you travel through it is not something easy and as everything in life, talent will only take you so far. It's the hard work that allows one to shape their mind's eye to properly stare at the infinite windows inside one's mind and come back with something to show.

This inspiration however is the beginning of a journey. These people need now to transport the visions from their mindscape into the world and it's not an easy task. This world is harsh, grey. The other one is all about colors.

These artists need to color the canvas with the world with colors that only exist in their mind. Even if they mix and match the colors we have on our regular world, they can never create exactly what is inside their head.
A pain that inspires the cycle of creativity. They want to become better, to strive perfection, however perfection is an illusion that forever fades away between our dreams and skills.

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