Captain Crunch Calling Card

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Tally-Ho brave runners! It is I: Captain Crunch and I found your humble thread when I was checking my PDA after a successful run. Tons of good stuff here, some really talented fellows. Allow me to introduce myself!
I'm Captain Crunch, the nastiest Bounty Hunter of all Seattle!
But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself? I'm not sure how to work on these calling card things.

Well, you see, I am a Shark.
An awakened Shark that is. With implants. Lot's and lot's of implants. It's complicated and honestly? Better if this BBS doesn't know it. But let's just say I'm no stranger to these Mega Corp warfare you all are knee deep in.

All right. "Awakened Shark". What exactly that means?
It means I can think like a human, talk like a man.
It also means I have one nasty bite.

Anyway! As you can see on the attachment figure I prefer working at close range with my big machine pistol (I call her Sammy) and let the servo powered cybernetic arms do the talking. Have you ever tried to CQC a Shark? It's not easy. So I play up my strengths. I'm available for well, bounty hunting missions mostly. I have a knack of capturing targets and delivering them on time. Though I do not oppose any mayhem or destruction runs. Smashing the system Keeps you going right?

Posted December 28, 2075 by user "Jawesome"

Excerpt from a Shadowrunner BBS thread; "Post your Calling Card, others Rate"

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