The grim fate of the Robber Brothers

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The Alvarson brothers were notorious thieves, roaming the northern borders and robbing all they found crossing the roads. The King was too soft on criminals, he cared most about his Capital and adjacent cities to truly care about what was happening around the border.
However, the robber brothers did not know much about the spheres of politics or military. They didn't notice that the border had been invaded for a while now, the Aurea kingdom expanded their territories and quickly took control of the roads they would plunder.

"Brother! Look, fresh targets!"

Alvarson the younger points out towards a group making their way into the road. 

"They got weapons. Be sharp, my brother."

Alvarson the older replies, pointing out that there would be targets for the evening were carrying bows, spears and knives. This didn't deter the duo, however, as they pounced from the trees on top of their targets.

Without exchanging words, the group of men being attacked on the road quickly changed formation, with the bow users running backwards while the spearmen charged the brothers. It was a surprise to our robbers, but the victims seemed to be in control at all times. So much so, they manage to defeat the bandits without killing them, tying their hands on their backs.

"How? How did you manage to stop us?"

Barks the older brother.

"A weak king is the product of a weak people. You have finally met the discipline you two craved."

The Brothers were hauled towards the capital of Aurea, never to be seen again.

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