Pickpocket your fights better

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"Stealing from me eh?!"

Yells the massive ogre, axe in hand to the little halfling. 
The ogre had a point, the little one just snuck past the jungle and tried his luck pick pocketing the massive beast. However, it was caught by it as the halfling sneezed.

"Sorry big guy! I was just uhm..."

The halfling shrugs, trying his best to keep a yellow smile as he was raised by the ogre's arm.

"Picking your gold from the floor. Yes! That's it. I didn't steal it. Certainly, I can assure you, I didn't just made a cut on your gold bag and started to grab the coins as they hit the floor, no sir. This halfling is coming up straight with you!"

The Ogre hesitates. For a brief moment, the halfling though he was able to talk his way out of it.
What the halfling soon discovered was that hesitation wasn't about what to do with him, but how.

"You are going to be my dinner, little one!"

And just like that, the would be robber became tonight's dinner. The Ogre feasted after throwing the Halfling into a boilling pot.

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