He sees it.

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"I see it."

Barks the fat yet imposing Orc on top of a wolf mount. His eyes glow with a fiendish energy, his lips curl into a snarl. His soldiers flock to him, looking around as if they were searching for what their cruel boss had just discovered.

"Alert the men. We will end this siege."

They gather their weapons and head to the Orc encapment. The youngest of them however, approaches the boss.

"Boss! What did you see?"

He points towards a small gap between the castle and the farm.


The young Orc seems puzzled.

"But boss! That's where the humie's minions grab the food for their boss! They are just like the boys."

The boss laughs.

"Precisely why we need to kill them first."

The young orc is taken back. The boss truly was in charge.

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