Big Langston Calling Card

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I had it with the Captain Crunch post.
You are not special because you are awakened, you are just a run of the mill talking animal. Holmes' look down on you, same as all.
Anyway, too many stone cold killers posting on this forum. Gives me the creeps. Better post up my profile thing, then, to show how a true professional work.
Name's Big Langston. That cannon in my hand is standard issue those Lone Star creeps use, it's true. But it ain't for shooting.

I mean, at least that's not usually my first plan.
Talking, yeah, now that's my strongest asset. I might not look the part, but I'm the face. You see, people often thing a walking, talking hog is dumb.

And they are half right. I'm dumb. But I'm smart enough to know that I'm not that bright you see. Which means I get to play dumber than I actually am. You'd be surprised how easily I can sneak into places by pretending to be the janitor that forgot his mop. People apparently call janitors "pigs" as a common insult, so they aren't surprised when they see me coming.

Anyway, if you want some sophistication on your shady runs, call the Big Langston on your team.

Posted January 18, 2076 by user "MohawkMo"

Excerpt from a Shadowrunner BBS thread; "Post your Calling Card, others Rate"

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