Grokundus the 'Warrior'

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Excerpt from 'Weekly Adventurers Around the Globe', a famous publication throughout the realms that details legendary heroes that stood up to protect the multiverse.

Grokundus the 'Warrior'

Forged through war, Grokundus was one of the many warriors of your typical Emerald Forest Orc warband. Ruthless and not very bright. But something clicked with him that wasn't obvious to the other 'boys' as he would tell you. See, Grokundus saw war as the ends, not the means. His Warboss wanted to pillage human lands to obtain profit, and to do so, he would attack their least protected villages. Grokundus quickly lost taste for this 'easy kill'.

He would challenge the King's knights, the city guards, and anyone that proved to be a challenge. His iron will allowed him to subjugate all the warriors of his tribe. For while the other Orcs fought for personal gain, his reward was the violence itself. His axe wielding was without peer. 

After overcoming his Orc brethen, Grokundus would travel the lands looking for challengers. In one of his violent outbursts he found a blood soaked paper. An Adventuring License.

Grokundus was intriguided, and decided to try his hand at adventuring and well, he did make a name for himself. He seems content on direction his steel towards the enemies of the realms instead of keeping on his trouble making ways. We asked him a bit about the transition process.

"War is me. I was a meek little Orc child before they gave me an axe. I still remember it. It was made of bones of a dead horse. It was quite the awful weapon. If I wanted a better tool, I had to justify it. Since day one, I was chasing war. It was the only path for me. When I realized I was killing people without weapons such as the ones I coveted, I quickly realize if I was to find myself in the world, I would have to challenge the bigger and strongest foes, not the weaklings. I had no desire for a cut from the boss. All I wanted was a better axe. The Adventure guild gives me a convenient place to look for stronger foes. I fele I am improving in the path I am trekking."

Straight to the point, Grokundus has a simple yet effective mind.

The book is filled with other equally colorful adventurer entries.

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