Mirror Encounter

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Jin the swordsman, a member of the Adventure League, has finally arrived at the location described on his job briefing.
A place called"The Everteal Plains", a place for silence and contemplation.  Several monks would travel through this wilderness as part of their pilgrimage. It is why he accepted the job.
Jin is a foreigner in this land, he still tries to understand how people act and why. He found the pilgrimage of the monks something unusual, so he pledged his swords to the distressed clergy.

He was called there because the plains were being robbed by a man that wielded a sword. He would draw it and stalk the monks without uttering a single word. He would only stop when they offered him gold.

However the way his employers described their pursuer intriguided Jin. A silent high way man was something he never came across on his many travels.

"I am Jin! With me I bear the arms of those you done wrong. Show your self, assailtant!"

In the open fields of the Everteal Plains, Jin draws his weapon and scatter his words in the winds. Somehow, he knew he would be heard.

It didn't take long for a gust of wind to pass through our adventurer, kicking up the leaves around him. From behind a rock, the robber emerges, sword in hand. He stares at Jin, without uttering a word.

Jin smirks for a moment as he approaches his foe, but his conceited smile quickly turns into a more serious semblance. For he reorganizes his foe.
It is himself.
Or at least a shadow of who he is, his skin and clothing seems to be some sort of ethereal dark blue energy.

He realizes the true culprit is hiding elsewhere. He sheats his blade and passes through the soundless shadow as it dissipates from this world.

His adventure was not over yet.

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