Songs of Regret

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Memories flood back and I'm sent falling to the floor. I catch myself on the back of a chair and try to settle down.

Images creep into my head slowly, some good, some bad, but all too overwhelming.

"Reikon, calm your mind. You are only making it worse."

His words calm me, and I feel light. A figure develops before me. His flute already in his hand, he begins to play a soft melody.

"Can you feel that?" his voice seemed distant, like I was underwater, "The songs that are produced aren't ordinary. It can feel your pain, hear your heart, and see your soul. Let it renew you. It knows your troubles. Now release them to it."

I felt lighter. There was nothing there to weigh me down. No pain and no anger. It left me only with an emptiness. One that I would never forget. And one that I will forever long for.

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