Cyber-Cat Lady Calling Card

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Oh, hi guys! Normally I'm not that formal as you can see by my "Mission Report" threads. Life is as grey as it is right? So when I go to Shadowrun BBS I like to have some fun. But I wanted to talk real straight with you about little old me. How to get in contact and how to recruit me for your run! I'm mostly available, though I don't really go outside Seattle much. Ahem, here it goes! (wish me luck)
Name: Laura-Laura, or you can call me Laura²
Street Name: Cyber-Cat Lady
Role: Infiltration. Yes, I am the infamous Cat-suit lady who keeps flooding the matrix with my cute customized infiltration suit! I was always fascinated with the duality of using a cool and high tech suit to hide, when I want to show it off.
Dos and Don'ts: 
-Do: Look
-Don't: Touch
-Do: Pay half the nuyen before the mission.
-Don't: Split before paying up. 
-Do: Anti Corp jobs.
-Don't: Push me some big bucks private contract. Not interested.

Anyway that's it. Just send me a private message if you need someone who can get to places before being noticed. This suit is my golden goose, always brings me the creds.

Posted January 28, 2076 by user "CyberKitKat"

Excerpt from a Shadowrunner BBS thread; "Post your Calling Card, others Rate"

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