20 Years of Pokemon: Squirtle

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There it was.
Maybe it was '98, or '99. But there it was.
Your first real choice in the Pokemon World.

A journey that would last twenty long years and this choice alone would be carried by you all the way. it is impossible not to remember which of the three you picked first. Which one of the three starter pokemon would be your friend and help you in a journey about collecting and fighting equally colorful monsters.

If you picked Squirtle, you were in for a good time, at least at the start of your journey. While it is true that Bulbasaur has an overall easier time with both gyms and capturing Pokemon, Squirtle was the little Pokemon that could. It had good HP, good defenses, and just enough "SPECIAL" to make a difference in most battles. Squirtle probably wowed kids because right after the second Gym, there was their big confrontation against Lt. Surge. Water is typically weak to electric type, however, due to Squirtle high defenses and HP, one could defeat the gym with it if it was at a higher level

You can still read reports of adults and teens describing how their younger selves solo'd the entire game with their trusty Squirtle in tow, all thanks to the high defense values and hp.
Wartortle and Blastoise made the base Squirtle chassis even stronger and straight forward, learning very good damaging moves.

It's now wonder it's one of the more popular of the three starters.

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