The perfection that is Doom

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In Latveria lies a saviour. His name is Victor Von Doom.
One that the world refuses to see him for what he is. They call him Dr. Doom.

The nations of the world see him as a monster.
But those under him pray to him as if he was their master.

Who is right?
Does the love from Latveria justify the hate from the rest of the world?
Is the loss of a nation the gain of another?
The lunacy of it's leader, justifiable and acceptable as long he brings prosperity to his home?

Here's the kicker:
Dr. Doom doesn't care.
In fact, he probably enjoys this duality more than anyone.
Of Doom has a big ego. A reaction either positive or negative plays in that.
But why? Why commit all sorts of crimes, face super heroes and do all sort of shady dealings?
Doom desires power. Again, it's an ego thing. If Doom cannot be a brute force of technology or magic, then there is no satisfaction to him.

Going back to Latveria, Doom is a benevolent leader that gave shelter to his own people and that caters to all their needs in a crazed clash between brutal dictatorship to a peaceful utopia also has to do with his ego. He must be the most important person in Latveria, but he also must be the best leader in the know world, his ego won't allow him to just sit on top of his people.

Dr. Doom is the ego made flesh. Both the good and the bad that comes from it.

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