The Psycho in Power - Bison

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M. Bison is the last boss of the classic "Street Fighter 2". One could easily see him as a generic bad guy villain, but one quick glance on his moves as well his militaristic design and he quickly looks out of place.

Compare with Guile, the American representative on the game. He has some weird, unique hair and even some special powers (Sonic Boom, Flashkick) but his base character design is "Military man".
Bison looks like a military dictator, complete with over the top cap and a captain's cap. But then he starts flying all over the place and punching the player with energy. Before you can even begin to understand these weird moves, he flings at the player character in a rainbow of colors - The 'Psycho Crusher'.

Bison is this weird amalgamation of a fear (in particular of the early 90's) of a military madman conquering small nations and doing as they please with some sort of psychic sorcerer whose own body emits some strange, alien power.
As new games of the 'Street Fighter' franchise started to show up, Bison keep re-appearing. He won a signature laugh, a sarcastic and evil personality that was captured with some unique charisma by Raul Julia in that crappy live action movie (in which Raul Julia somehow, still managed to be incredible) and even in the (terrible) American animation of the mid-nineties. 

This strange mix of Military dictator, Psychic Wizard, sarcastic villain and the fact that he has some pretty weird plans (like creating twelve female bodies to host his spirit if he is to die, but then using said bodies to execute assassination missions around the globe as if they were expendable.) makes him a very memorable character.
His return to the most recent game, Street Fighter V made fans speculate just what kind of crazy shenanigans will Bison pull off this time.

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