Dragon Gladiatorial Battle

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Flint was on a roll.
The carcass of the lions he just had defeated are making a big pile to his right. The mewling from the half dead gladiators he had bested moments ago was like a victory chant. He was on the top of the world. The audience was roaring with excitement.

"Ha! Hear that?! They want an encore! All right! Time for the gran finale. Unleash the Dragon!"

And it all came crashing down.
The ground shook and from the sands, it emerged.
The creature was easily the size of a house, its nostrils exhaled flames as it breathed in the sunlight. Its many horns moved in unison, as if it was acknowledging Flint's presence.

A nervous smirk forms over Flint's lips. It's short lived.
For the creature springs into action by charging through the arena, horns first, towards Flint.
The gladiator has no time to hesitate, he too flings himself towards the giant creature. He flings his shield towards the monster face, misdirecting it's gaze, as he maneuvers himself to a blind top.

The monster crashes into the audience stands, crushing the shield between its horns and the stand. Flint tries stabbing the creature over its chest.
His Gladius breaks as it clashes with the monster's hide.
The Dragon shifts its attention to Flint.
What's left of the audience stands up, cheering as loud as they can.
Flint is puffed with a large stream of pure, magical fire. His body, his bones, are all incinerated in an instant.

"Flint! Flint! Flint!"
They chant for their fallen champion as the floor opens and eats the Dragon creature back to its lair.

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