Leave it to the Monster!

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"Larry. We uhm... We are running late again."

Steve, the one with the glasses, nudges his friend with the elbow. And with good reason. It was a quarter past midnight, and the duo of Architects.

"Steve my man. You worry too much. Sure, we haven't been doing any progress outside the fancy terrace, but I'm sure if we call our clients and say we will have to postpone our meeting, we will be fine. We are professionals! Surely, they will understand."

Steve taps the drawning of the terrace on the board the large piece of paper the two were staring for over six hours.

"Larry, all you did was make some squares with the words "To be Determined in a later date" scribbed into it."

Larry nodded.

"I see your point. So should we use the monster?"

Steve signs, rolling his eyes.

"Again? Laryr, we can't just keep dropping our architect jobs to that... That 'thing' that followed you back home."

Larry crosses his arms.

"So you are saying the kid has no talent?"

Steve gets up from his chair.

"No! I'm saying we are the architects! That monster is just that, a freaking monster! We can't just rely on him to do our jobs. Damn it Larry! I was in your graduation ceremony for Pete's sake!"

Larry shrugs.

"So? If you have an advantage, you better use it."

Steve just looks at Larry with his nose twitching.

"Really? Advantage? Look, you do whatever you want. I'm going to call the clients, try to stall for time."


Larry was inside the creature's den. Or how he called it before the incident, "The guest's room".

In front of him, a fat, frog-like creature that was at least four feet tall was chained to the wall.

"Here you go buddy. Your favorite! Architect project!"

He puts in front of the four armed beast the important papers for the building he and his partner were building. The beast quickly doodles all over it, emmiting grunting noises. A utter and total mess of lines was the result of it's foul architecture.

"Ah! I keep forgetting you are a modernist! Well done, monster!"

Satisfied, he calls his partner. It's time to deliver the project.

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