The Bad Day

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It all started how most stories about knights and ghouls and giants started off, with the arrival of a foreign knight and the promise of a fair maiden. Well this Knight was named Sir Frances. Sir Frances wasn't known very well in his land to be a skilled fighter, he was competent at most. It was rumored that he wasn't even really a knight. But, in the land of Cretera, no one knew of him or his rumors.
Cretera was in a very desperate position at the time of his arrival. A large horde of ogres had decided to attack Cretera for the sport. There were 10 when they had first arrived, but the knights of the land managed to kill all of them. 
Except one...
What made the situation worse was that in the process of killing the ogres, all the knights had died, leaving the people defenseless. So when a supposed knight shows up before them, they don't ask much questions.
That is how we got to this point, with Sir Frances stomach being punched out his mouth, his crumpled sword flying throught the air, and with him later on becoming a hermit from the embarrasment.

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