Sixtar and the Killers

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On the moon of the distant planet Sixtar, heroes are made, not born.
Made out of necessity, out of survival.
Their bodies were crafted out of plastic, metal and an energy core. But their mind was in constant evolution. They divided among tribes and so they could survive the "Killers".

The entire drive of their memetic evolution comes from the fact that if they do not learn, adapt and surpass their ways, they will cease to exist. For the Killer beasts are also made of plastic, metal and an energy core, but inside their electronic minds, there is a constant drive, one that grows louder by the day, and all it says is:


A vital and important command buzzing in the back of their heads constantly. And so, kill they must. Their entire body is reshaped, broken apart and recreated by themselves, so they can kill some more.
Claws become pure blades. Chests grown larger and sturdier so it can resist the tribes weaponry.

Each death, the Killer eats the core of its victim, gaining knowledge. However, it only uses said knowledge to change its body to become a more efficient killer.
Their purpose, or why do they exist on the moon of Sixtar is a mystery, one the tribes don't even humor it. Because for them, every ounce of energy not used in surviving and improving their condition, is an energy not used to avoid being killed.

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