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Bastion City is an utopia, not just a Synthezoid haven nor a regular state.
And for such dream-like place to exist, it's inhabitants need to be perfect. Made, not born.

Apex was created inside an iron womb - a mockery of the human condition.
He was raised as a man, embedded by a flux of energy gel.
His name was no accident. He was to be the ultimate Bastion City citizen, an example to be followed through action.

Despite his human-like shape, the core of his being is an anti thesis of mankind. He was created to live forever. Even a small fraction of his energy-gel contains his memories and being, meaning if his shell is cracked, even if he is "killed" he can live on in another body.

Not only that, his body can be shaped by the same energy gel, transforming, evolving, adapting to whatever threat or need. Evolution is just a plaything for the Synthezoid intelligentsia.

Apex is more than just a mockery however. He is the will of the machines given form.

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