Tree of Cursed Fruit

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Deep inside the Swamp of Despair there lies a tree that is darker and more crooked then all the others. It's dark thorns stick out in the mud, likely to draw it's prey in.
From it's branches blood red fruits spring forward. They smell of decadence, of charred fat. A warning to all.
And yet, the number of goblionoid who are so desperate for a meal that fed from this terrible tree grown by the day.
The game is dying down.
The frog soup is just not enough anymore.
Some adventurers, unaware of the tree real nature eat from it as well.

It's terrible taste is probably the best thing related to this tree. For it's not just a fruit, it is life. A cursed life.

The origins of the tree are many and varied, but the one the bog shamans tell as truth is of an Elf couple who were visiting the Swamp of Despair a millennia ago, charting it's territory for the Adventure Guild. A bog hag was jealous of the immaculate beauty of the couple, so she cursed them to be part of the swamp forever, to be as ugly and terrible as the trees they charted.

Their daughters and sons will be the fruit the tree gives the desperate goblionoid fated to live in the Swamp.

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