Breakfast or Friend?

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Muscus was one big, strong Orc. But not very bright. The poor lad had a problem listening to others.
Still, he was so strong, he was posted to be the bodyguard of the chieftain. A very prestigious position in the Emerald Forest's Orcs society.
However, it is expected of the bodyguard to put the needs of his boss over his own. And that was exactly what was happening on that morning. They didn't expect they would be stuck on a storm when they went hunting, so the Orcs did not pack enough rations and food to spend the night.

It was morning, so all the food went to the boss. Muscus always loved a big, well served breakfast. His stomach was rumbling as he watched the Chieftain and his wife gorge themselves on what he brought in.
Muscus walks further inside the cave they were using as refuge from the storm, looking for anything he could eat. His weary eyes catch a blue lighting, coming from under a rock. Curious (for an Orc anyway), Muscus lifts the rock. A glowing creature emerges from it, it was a small, child-like humanoid with butterfly wings that was glowing in a warm, friendly blue.

"Ah thank you! You saved me kind sir! I am a faerie, and I am in your debt. I can grant you any wish-"

Muscus shouts loudly.


The faerie tilts her head.

"Food? Well sure, I can conjure up some-"

The Orc quickly shoves the faerie in his mouth, devouring it without hesitation.
Another morning, another breakfest.

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