It saw me through the Rocks

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I told her to keep running. I didn't want her to see me shaking in my boots. Before we managed to escape he had woken up. We were almost out of there but he separated us.

I yelled for her to keep running but she didn't listen. She just stood back expecting me to vanquish the dragon. She was watching me.

It's my worst nightmare. *gulp*

I quickly ran and hid behind a giant boulder but I knew it was my time. The giant beast was staring me down. Even from behind the rock I could feel it's gaze, grinning with contempt.

It's going to kill me. *gulp*

I kept my blade close, the fear was inside me. I knew in mere moments I would be it's dinner. I yelled again for her to run. I knew I had just given my location away.

Oh, crap! I'm going to die. *gulp*

The anticipation was too much. I knew I couldn't defeat such a terrible monster with just my sword so I closed my eyes - waiting for the end.

But it kept moving. It ignored me like I was nothing. I was safe.

That's when I realized, it wanted her. *gulp*

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