The Dodongo Way

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The fire mountains of Mount Death - Or perhaps any rocky/fire dungeon in any Zelda game.
It's almost a certainty that you will run into the King Dodongo or it's cousins in one way or another.
Massive, super powerful and with a hard skin, they are a challenge to players new to the franchise just by sheer aesthetic.
You see this buff monster, you run for your life, but there is nowhere to run. It's either you or the King Dodongo.
And sure enough, the baby and regular Dodongos are there as a warning:
Use bombs.

But differently from most Dodongo enemies, there is a twist: King Dodongo usually shrugs bombs off like it's nothing.
Boss fights are like puzzles in Zelda, in which the pieces are all assembled as you go through the Dungeons.

It's an organic moment when you put together that the bombs you were using to move and do battle against the Dodongo crew are the key to beat the King, even if there is a trick to use them.

It challenge the player while still being a test.

So fill that Dodongo mouth with bombs, conquer the dungeon and bask in the awesomeness that is Zelda game design.


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