Hyperbolt Character Card

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Codename: Hyperbolt
Real Name: Raúl Escobar Nunez
Skill set: Mexican Pro Wrestling, cooking, acting.
Powers: Super Speed
Bio: After experiencing a Metaphysic Event, Raúl an unmasked Mexican luchador acquired some strange powers, right in the middle of a lucha libre match. His body left afterimages, electric energy surged on his arms and legs. He had acquired a strange metaphysical power of 'Super Speed'. Not a single machine or vehicle on Earth could match Raúl's maximum velocity. He was quickly scouted by the Mexican government, and in amicable terms trained under other government Super beings, learning that he had a special gift and that he had to share it with the world.
Crafting a Lucha Libre mask himself, he became one with the "Hyperbolt" persona. He never takes off the mask and seems obsessed helping those in need around México city.
Despite his special powers, Raúl is a laid back person who doesn't seem to take seriously the dangers he faces. All he cares is about putting smiles on other people's faces, so for him any opposing force is considered 'trivial'.
Still young, this rookie has yet to face another super being that could put him in any particular danger.

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