Silver Tiger Character Card

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Codename: Silver Tiger
Real Name: Dumisani Akintola
Skill set: Storyteller, Radio DJ
Powers: Humanoid Tiger anathomy, Fast Regeneration, Silver Claws, Metaphysic detection
Bio: A construction worker that operated his own "pirate" Radio in Kimberley, Dumisani led a simple yet full life. His hobby was to tell stories based on African folklore in several different orphanages - Seeing that he too was an orphan that was adopted when he was younger.
One day, he suffered a Metaphysic event, in which his body transformed into an adult sized womb, and from inside of it he was born again - As some sort of half tiger, half man.
His claws weren't like a regular tiger however, they were made of Silver.
Silver is a conduit to Metaphysical phenomena, working underground this "Silver Tiger" purged South Africa of all sort of Metaphysical troubles, from energy feylines draining the energy from citizens to demon invaders from another dimension, his silver claws could allow him to locate and deal with any Metaphysical problem.
Working alone, Dumisani lives between the line of beast and man.

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