Crimson Mystic Character Card

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Codename: Crimson Mystic
Real Name: Giovanni di Baggio
Skill set: Metaphysics Scientist, Non-euclidian Mathematics
Powers: Control of Spells created by the color concept "Red".
Bio: Giovanni was one of the many scientists that were publishing papers on the new Metahuman fad. Considered to be particularity cryptic with his findings, many considered his findings to be pseudo science, some strange drivel about the color "Red".
What was unknown before the 'grey sickness' spread around the world, is that Colors are a way to tap inside the Metaphysics of our planet.
Not that it didn't take long before Giovanni made a "Red Rain" happen in Berlin, killing thousands and amassing an army of flesh golems created by the drowned corpses.
This flesh manipulator is considered one of the world most dangerous man, yet not a single force dared to challenge him in his Pulsating Tower.

He currently demands tribute to the German government, which they reluctantly abide.

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