Yukiko and Me

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I had traverse this human Earth for as long as I can remember.
My memories of an outer, Death plane faded away as the snow does from the intense heat of the sun.
All I did was to move around these vast woods. The scent of blood, of prey being slaughtered by a predator is what moved me on from place to place. The circle of line had made me it's slave.

But I am a slave no longer. This is a tale about me and the young girl who calls herself 'Yukiko'.


It all began with blood.

The rabbit was being devoured by a wolf. It feasted on it's guts, leaving puddles of gore around a tree.
I was enthralled by it as I always did. The smell of it was so strong, I remember it like it is still happening in front of me.
Can't remember how I was able to, but the sound of heavy breathing entered my mind like a dry stick pierces the mud. I was able for a moment to leave the area of the murder and floated my way further north.

There was a girl.
And blood.

Her soft eyes looked up. She saw me. Perhaps the veil between our two worlds was shattered, or perhaps she was already inside of mine. I do not know, or care. But I do remember her words.

"Help me."

She wasn't asking. Or demanding. She spoke as if she already had given up faith. Words that were thrown in the wind as a last sign of struggle against your impeding doom.
I touched her wound, almost instantly. The blood stopped flowing, grey skin and flesh covered the hole. She could breath easily again.

"We are now bound, child of Man. For as long as you live. Are you afraid? Perhaps, dying alone was the better fate. Yet you asked me, a servant of Death for respite."

My sweet Yukiko did not hesitate. She didn't look scared or even shaken.

"Mister God of Death! Please help me leave this scary forest! I can repay you with lot's of sweets!"

It seems she did not understand her fate. Yet somehow, my disfigured visage was comforting to her. I guided her through the woods, and now I live beside her, inside her shadow. Her daily school life, her Volleyball classes, the festivals in the Golden Week...

So many memories I was only able to experience when the innocence of a child took me from the cycle.

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