The Adventures of Izolda and Kristobal - Kristobal character concept

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Kristobal -
Born in a small village, young Kristobal (age 14) loves history, in particular, the history of Heroism and adventure.
His dream is not only to undertake adventures himself but to chronicle it as a biography piece. Despite this desire to become a hero and write about adventures, Kristobal is a thinker first and foremost. He is quite mature for his age, and has a sharp mind but he is physically frail and not the most courageous person to have around.
In fact, the reason Kristobal is so dead set in writing about adventurers and reading about these particular group of people is because it feels good for him, it feels right to escape into these stories.

Because he quite smart, he is easily bored on this his small town routine he was born into. This type of cheap literature amused him and kept the flame of creativity burning as he herded sheep or milked cows.
This means that while he is dead set on being a "hero", he doesn't fit the mentality or the body type of a hero at all. He would rather live in his own mind, writing and reading about great tales of action and heroism than actually doing them, even if he did put the effort of signing up on adventures in behalf of his village.
Kristobal is in a crossroad between the world of ideas and dreams and the gritty, action-packed world he is about to embark.

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