Re: Unit 17

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Unit 17 was ready to be released.  All system checks complete, no abberations. 

The hacker had been located.  It was about time.  He'd caused the corporation billions of credits in damages and cover-up fees. 

Unit 17 moving to position.  Sound dampening systems engaged, no detection.

It was time to put an end to them, so we unleashed the latest iteration of robot ninja as a field test.  The connection was detected at an abandoned warehouse.  If they had defenses, Unit 17 should slip right past unnoticed.

Target located.  Unit 17 Waiting for strike command.  Currently Undetected.

I activated the VR interface.  I would deal with the issue myself through the proxy.  Ready to strike.  I almost felt pity for our victim.  I watched them toy with their system in the darkened room... too dark to actually make out their features.  Attack while they're distracted.

Unit 17 engaging target.

With a loud crash something broke through my skylight and I realised my horrible mistake just before everything quickly went dark.

An email was then sent automatically to all Gigacorp employees:

"Re: Unit 17"

"My condolences on the loss of your CEO.  Next version, you might want to patch your network security holes."

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