In the Wreckage

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“Used to fly in the clouds…” “Bright as noon, even at midnight…” “Swim any time you wanted…” Phee did not hate his grandfather. Not really. But the old man’s ramblings had long ago lost what limited charm they might have held. Tuning out the ramblings with the ease of long practice, Phee crouched and hauled the sheet of metal he’d been painstakingly flattening out onto the make-shift table. They needed to get something in front of the doorway soon, before the limited supply of wood ran out. Of course, there was still the gap above the door to block even once that was done, but one thing at a time. “…walk down to the corner store and get ice cream. Marvelous stuff ice cream. If you ate it too fast, you’d get a brain freeze! Isn’t that funny?” One pained, hopeless thing at a time.

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