The Path to Deadalis

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"Uh, sir, don't you think we're flying a little too low?" The co-pilot nervously peered out of the starboard window. The waters calmly danced with the reflection of distant sunlight and this dance angered the boy. The beauty of that moment didn't tell the story of the long war that was killing their once thriving planet. The boy was younger than what the captain expected, and jittery too. But this was all that was left these final days. Young men angry thet they were fighting AND losing a war that their dads had eagerly started. "Low and silent, that's how we're playing this, boy." the pilot responded. The caverns were a backdoor route into Deadalis, one of their last remaining strongholds. Long ago the enemy learned of the hazardous path. The route had become too dangerous for regular flights but still, it was far less dangerous than the open skies. "'Deadalis...', Why'd they have to name it such a stupid name?", he whispered under his breathe. "A name is only as important as you make it." the pilot had the hearing of a cave bat he thought. "Now keep an eye on that radar, soldier", he pointed to the dot that disappeared as quickly as it came. Before he could blink the radar contained two more dots. "Fuck! They're on to us.", he snapped back into his seat as the echo from the radar became the only sound he could hear. "We've got company. Dropping another 1000 feet. Over." The captain relayed to the second ship. His movements were swift and effortless. Maybe they'll survive this encounter he thought as he watched. Then the supply ship took a steep dive. The boy reached firmly for the belt that secured him before forcefully swallowing the nervous feeling that had swelled up inside him.

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