Venture the Pale Realms

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The adventuring group finally reached the old sage that the villagers have pointed them to. They were told this ancient man knew about the Pale Realms, a place like no other. A place of dread for said adventuring party, for that's where the Lich's phylactery was supposed to be hidden. They enter the old man's hut, wary of any possible danger. What awaited inside was a empty living quarter. And a man. His long, white beard and shaved head gave him an air of wisdom perhaps even authority. "I see you are not from around here." the man whispers. "We have come here to know where are the Pale Realms. The villagers spoke highly about your way of the land, master." says one of the cloaked adventurers. A small smile can be seen on the man's lips. He does not hesitate and speaks freely as soon as the adventurer states his business. "The Pale Realms are the forgotten domain of Man. A corner of his mind that as time passed, He forgot that it existed. A place where concepts we take for granted like 'weight' or even 'nature' simply do not exist. Your imagination shapes the land around you. Rocks become mountains, the skyline is within your grasp, just as the Realms are within you." says the man, enthusiasm can be sensed on his raspy voice. The adventurers exchange glances. They seem confused. More lost than they were before they asked the man the question. Eventually one of them broke the silence with the fateful question. "How does one reach the Pale Realms?" spoke the shorted cloaked figure. A crooked smile was once again over the ancient lips. "Close your eyes and picture nothingness. A void of emotion, of adventure, of love or even hate. Go beyond it. Traverse the nothingness and search for the brave grey world that lies within yourself. There you will find your destination." Each cloaked figure sat down around the old man, trying their best to do as they were told. The man rises from his squatting position and slowly leaves his hut as the young and courageous bunch embark on their greatest adventure yet; Themselves.

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