The Thing (Earth-148618)

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Stuck in a reality that was never truly is, 'The Thing' is the super powered outsider who wishes to wander among worlds - Not for himself, but in memory of dreamers, architects. The Fantastic Four. Benjamin J. Grimm grew up in a bad neighborhood, Yancy Street right in Manhattan's Lower East Side. He was mostly a thug even if he had a "heart of gold" as said by his underlings. Being the Yancy Street Gang leader defined young Ben, however due to pressure of his father to get some more "discipline", Ben was drafted into the American Air Force as soon he was of age. There he met Reed Richards, a scientist working for the government as well his lovely fiancee, Sue Storm and her brother, Johnny Storm. For the first time, Ben Grimm felt he had friends that were interested in him other for his muscles and street savvy. Being nicknamed "The Fantastic Four" for how well the group worked together, they were quickly assigned to 'Project Doom', a government program to travel to parallel realities. Reed with his unmatched intellect managed to create a 'Dimensional Ship' that would be able to traverse the realities, Sue was to hold several experiments over whatever Earth the group landed and Johnny Storm was supposed to run calibrations for the machine. It all came down to Ben and his piloting skills to actually bring the 'Fantastic Four' to another reality. Sadly, something was off. Ben's piloting was not up to snuff, or perhaps there was a malfunction on this 'Doom Machine'. The accident was beyond catastrophic. Ben body was now covered in rocks. He was invulnerable, had the strength as the 'Doom Machine' itself. However, he was stuck now in another world. He reformed the Yancy Street Gang with Ben Grimm on this new universe. His goal? To bully the government into making yet another 'Doom Machine'. Part of the reason is to return to his reality. But part of Ben sees himself as a "Thing" ever since the accident isn't doing out of selfish prejudice. He wishes to see the dream of his 'Fantastic Four' fully realized. To make Reed, Sue and Johnny smile from the other side.

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