Fireflies In The Night Sky

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Lee didn't mind walking through the night. From an early age he learned that death could be avoided. "Just watch the signs" his master would say. He took it quite literally and when he became strong enough he manifested fiery companions that would light their path. He was escorting Kris, a young boy that'd been marked for death by the Kings disciples. Wicked men that wanted nothing but ultimate control of time and space itself. Kris didn't seem to mind the hunt, though. He was short of patience and full of life. For his time as his Kris's guardian, Lee couldn't understand why anyone would want such a kind soul dead. Kris would tug at Lee if they lingered too long and after every dozen feet he'd turn to Lee and ask a random but profound question. He was clearly above the average intellect, but was that worth his life? As they continued down the path Lee spied the young boy reach out to a nearing firefly. The insect flickered in the nights sky and gently flew around the boys hand. It began to dance gleefully around his arm while Kris beamed with excitement. He tossed a great big smile towards Lee's direction. The young boy jumped and twirled as more tiny firelies joined in. Then, in a whispered voice Lee had never heard, Kris gently spoke to one of the creatures cupped in his hand. As he released it a small flame engulfed it. Then the rest burst into flames; but they were not hurt. They continued their dance around Kris before flying off into the brush. Moments later more fireflies came zipping by, each one bursting into flames as it passed the boy. When the small creatures entered the brush they began to hear a great commotion. The loud shouts from the soldiers of the Monestary. Even as the noise died, Lee held a tight grip to his weapon never truly understanding the boys power. Kris would never give him a chance to understand. He tugged on Lee's arm with the same impatience he'd shown all night. He then looked up at him with great big wondering eyes unawares of his immense power.

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