The World Stood Still.

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None of it went according to plan. Not by a long shot.

The world slowed down around him. Time moved at a pace he didn't recognize and then slowed even more. He took a slow deep breathe in and touched the hole where the bullet had pierced his chest. It was a long and deep breathe full of pain, misery, and regret.

He then spied the blood that had spilled from his men. The blood and their pain stricken faces had become frozen in time. The sounds of gunshots, moans of the frightened and the dying were all replaced with only his shallowed breathing now. Finally he remembered. He had cried out to the Lord when the bullet penetrated his back. Not the lord and savior but the other one. The one that resides in the darkest corners of our souls and haunts our dreams. He cried out to Lucifer, the Lord of death, hate, and all things evil. He pleaded for help and as the pain took over and is mind grew clear he reached out to the one he'd always served. "Spare my life my Lord and I will serve you faithfully!" he shouted with the conviction of a dead man.

That's when reality settled in his head. He painfully shouted out to his captors but they didn't respond. No longer fearing imminent death, he emerged from where he'd held cover and emptied his clip into every man standing. He smirked as each one fell over like a lifeless mannequin, collapsing onto the hard ground. He then methodically killed the remaining guards, tellers, patrons and the two well dressed bankers that took cover in the side office.

Like the helpless few he'd assassinated, his men remained frozen in place. He felt the power of his new master stir inside him and without thinking emptied the remainder of his clip into the static men. The objects of the heist were now his and his alone. What was to be a 4 way split was now a one man fortune. The fear that had previously engulfed him was gone so he reached for a bloodied cigarette from his shirt pocket and took a painful drag. This new man welcomed the pain. He took several more drags while confidently emerging to a crowd of onlookers that had formed nearby.

The clouds were stuck in a holding pattern just like the onlookers. He wondered if the world would ever move again. It was all so peaceful so he prayed it wouldn't end. But this time he prayed to the wrong God. In a flash the world spun back to life and the sounds of sirens blaired in the wind. But for the bank it was too late. He was now driving to safety and begging his new master for forgiveness.

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