Written By Arthur De Martino

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It saw me through the Rocks

inspired by the art of Thomas Moor

By Arthur De Martino

I told her to keep running. I didn't want her to see me shaking in my boots. Before we managed to escape he had woken up. We were almost out of there but he separated us.

I yelled for her...

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Breakfast or Friend?

inspired by the art of Maxim Margatsky

By Arthur De Martino

Muscus was one big, strong Orc. But not very bright. The poor lad had a problem listening to others.
Still, he was so strong, he was posted to be the bodyguard of the chieftain. A very prestigious position in the...

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Ren, the 'Crab'

inspired by the art of Alejandro Gonzalez Agudelo

By Arthur De Martino

Excerpt from 'Weekly Adventurers Around the Globe', a famous publication throughout the realms that details legendary heroes that stood up to protect the multiverse.

Ren the 'Crab' Entry
Insect Island integration to the...

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Tree of Cursed Fruit

inspired by the art of Ivan Kashubo

By Arthur De Martino

Deep inside the Swamp of Despair there lies a tree that is darker and more crooked then all the others. It's dark thorns stick out in the mud, likely to draw it's prey in.
From it's branches blood red fruits spring...

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Project Heavy Force

inspired by the art of Alejandro Gonzalez Agudelo

By Arthur De Martino

Mankind was forged through war. Even know we develops stronger, faster weapons.
To kill and conquer is the way of Man.

But Man is about to find it's match!
Project Heavy Force is sharing mankind's biggest phantom to the...

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Steel Titan - Part 2

inspired by the art of Sebastien HUE

By Arthur De Martino

Somewhere in Mauve, a heavily modified Cargo Drop ship sees a massive mech in a jury-rigged repair bay.
This Titan of a machine has several parts painted in red,contrasting with it's steel colored Duralex armor plates...

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Fatman Returns (?)

inspired by the art of Björn Barends

By Arthur De Martino

The cold night of Gotham was like an open invitation to the worst criminals. Even if they lived in fear of the one they called "the bat", the wicked lot found a way.
For the legend of the bat is no more. Long nights,...

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Dreams and me

inspired by the art of Satyaki Sarkar

By Arthur De Martino

I am just a man,
and I just broke a dream

Yet, a thousand newer ones
Are bursting at my seams...

Flying through the sky
I rely on them to keep me afloat

Each one of them, one by one pop
I start to fall yet again

Old dreams...

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Steel Titan - Part 1

inspired by the art of Jeff Paulsrud

By Arthur De Martino

Maule was a free planet, even if just recently. People were finally able to fly whatever political flag they wanted. They were free to marry whoever they wanted, to be whoever they wanted.

Ockbald wasn't born in Maule,...

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inspired by the art of Marc-Alexandre Robbe

By Arthur De Martino

Bastion City is an utopia, not just a Synthezoid haven nor a regular state.
And for such dream-like place to exist, it's inhabitants need to be perfect. Made, not born.

Apex was created inside an iron womb - a mockery...

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D'mitri's New Life

inspired by the art of Harold Rodriguez A

By Arthur De Martino

The realms of Irolatreia are filled to the brim with colorful individuals, brave warriors, bewitching sorceress and all manners of incredible heroes.
D'mitri doesn't fit any of said categories.
Welcome readers, this is...

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Aim Master

inspired by the art of Juan Pablo Corredor Martinez

By Arthur De Martino

Milestone city back in the day was the mecca for the Meta humans and other super beings.
A city where you were respected if not down right adored by the gifts you were born with.
For a young Giuseppo, this city was the...

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