Written By Mike

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On Colorblindness

inspired by the art of Negin Armon

By Mike

And then he said it. "See, that's why I think it is best to just be colorblind. You know, just see people as humans?" And I watched as my friend smiled, a pale crescent moon against the dark blue nightscape of his...

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What was Once Warm

inspired by the art of Julien Hauville

By Mike

After the first script sold I bought this cabin. "Tim you gotta' be sensible with your money," she said. "You've sold one script sure, but you're not Tirintino yet." 

"It's Tarantino, mom." 


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Diary of Bushi Ironewill Mountainstream, formerly Ublark

inspired by the art of Pat Fix

By Mike


-The script is jagged, and there are stains of what appears to be blood and dribble on the page. Mixed into these stains and the harsh red inking rendering barely into sentences of Common, is the smell of...

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Best job I ever had.

inspired by the art of pav327

By Mike

Now understand, I've done some crazy shit (stuff, excuse me). I've thrown the skulls of father's to their eight-eyed families, and then throw their skulls up on a wall for the client to mount like a deer in the old...

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He picked a bad day to come out of the woods

inspired by the art of Juan Novelletto

By Mike

"Fuckin' stupid-ass kid." Mike, blood smeared all over his left arm as he wiped sweat from his face, said to the food truck as he staggered away. He felt the wound in his back shaking him in his soul. "Fuckin'....

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At moonset

inspired by the art of Joseph Weston

By Mike

The folds of her cloak billow in the hot winds lifted from the sands. Brun-sae, her mount quivers in the spray of the sand. The sun never fully sets here, so the baking of rock and stone and silt has been going for...

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Like the ripples of mountains, purple in the distance

inspired by the art of guangyang

By Mike

Her eye rises, gently, as a bird. 
Eventually taking shape as a purple hill
not unlike one we might have ran up
I would be her Jack, and she my Jill.

We'd forget the bucket of water.
But I'm just a man in the stands....

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He sits

inspired by the art of Gal Or

By Mike

He sits, longwinded as Zephyr can make a man,
and I wonder, do the crew make jokes.
"If only we culd git Captain Tarr ta' talk at the
sails a bit, we'd make port inna' few hours."

As he goes on and on about the...

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So, my daughter turned into a male cloud giant.

inspired by the art of Thomas Moor

By Mike

I know, I know it sounds crazy. 

That the little girl you see playing with sticks and pebbles in the corner tore out the valley we're now sitting in, but believe you me, she did. Well, he did. It is rather...

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Meeting the Blight King

inspired by the art of Claudio Pilia

By Mike

It is said that in all forests there is a natural flow of water in the roots. Rain falls, and it channels itself into the waiting alms-hands of the trees and weeds. But, in the damp low places of the woods, sometimes...

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