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Thumb jumbo sliver overlord by jan hadzic

Kneel before the Overlord!

inspired by the art of Jan Hadzic

By Arthur De Martino

Humble Sheep
In a distant planet, there was a tribe of humanoids who worshiped an astral body that often visited the orbit. Because of it's purple coloration the tribe named it "The Purple Planet".

For generations the...

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Thumb jumbo christopher walken1

Christopher seeing a caricature of himself.

inspired by the art of orange buddhas

By Mike

"You know, I'm not sure, that, my forehead is that big. Sure, the eyes are great, they are great. But the forehead," He crinkles his eyes, wondering. "Is my forehead that big? I, I just don't know." You look, thinking...

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Thumb jumbo steven cormann final highres

Capsule Corp. portable (used) Spaceship for sale

inspired by the art of Steven Cormann

By Arthur De Martino

$9,000. Located in West City. Custom upgraded, Mass Manafuctred, Mobile unit, two bedroom w/Den, two bath. Balcony has incredible gravity device. Custom kitchen with granite countertops, perfect for cooking...

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Thumb jumbo 12

The Magnanimous Magman!

inspired by the art of Christian Jaime Flores

By Arthur De Martino

As a geographer, Macario Maarku Makana was doing research on one of the largest volcanic tuff cones in all of Hawaii, the Diamond Head, which was part of the Volcanic Honolulu series.
As he was collecting...

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Thumb jumbo meditating real size

Dog lessons for the brave Fox

inspired by the art of Andres Jaramillo

By Arthur De Martino

"Yes, meditate over this matter, Fox! Now that's a first hah!"

Barks the Dog with smug satisfaction that for once, their lord was angry at the pretty boy Fox and not him.


Only silence was offered by the Fox. He was...

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Thumb jumbo 2

The wandering warrior

inspired by the art of Tyler Thull

By Arthur De Martino

The alias given to the golems animated through magic and science to fight wars in the name of wizards. They shape their bodies and give them minds, for War is an act created by people, with all the...

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Thumb jumbo nathanielpengson personalwork gift


inspired by the art of Nathaniel Pengson

By Arthur De Martino

They came without warning.
The beings of light beamed down to the unsuspecting cave. In His hands, the fruit of knowledge, of evil, of good.
The precious and loving package slips from the being, into the hands of the...

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Thumb jumbo iron dragons cropped mk2

Iron Dragons

inspired by the art of Dean Mamnev

By Arthur De Martino

"Our wings take us above so we strike our enemies! Our breath baptizing them in fire and blood! Our claws ripping those who fight against the Emperor! We are Iron Dragons! show them our fury! for none shall find us...

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Thumb jumbo thranduil fan art throne final 01 small 01

Thranduil's Fashion Court

inspired by the art of Jay Carpenter

By Arthur De Martino

The Elven guards throw the human captive in front of the court. He slowly raises his face to glimpse at the king and his consorts.

"Such is the nature of your bad taste, in time all garish clothing come forth... To be...

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Thumb jumbo cornered

Fated Encounter

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Arthur De Martino

"Child of Man, why do you trespass my domain?"

Hissed the majestic creature. His tone was of curiosity.

"S-Stay back!"

Yells the young girl. She loses her footing, almost falling to the floor. As she tries to balance...

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Thumb jumbo mannimarkosmall

Grey Regent

inspired by the art of Alexandr Komarov

By Arthur De Martino

In the Grey Kingdom sat on the throne an ageless master. He tried to do good for their servants. The ones that proved themselves with time were 'upgraded' to undeath - Following their regent steps.

The Grey Kingdom was...

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Thumb jumbo meeting by claudiopilia d7oqacw

Meeting the Blight King

inspired by the art of Claudio Pilia

By Mike

It is said that in all forests there is a natural flow of water in the roots. Rain falls, and it channels itself into the waiting alms-hands of the trees and weeds. But, in the damp low places of the woods, sometimes...

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