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Encounter with a god

inspired by the art of Sam Smith

By Arthur De Martino

The iron god sat on his grassy throne. His eye omniscient. His body was broken. He was his own cage.

And yet the natives kept bringing tribute for him. Animals, fruits. They worship him as one of their own.

But Mangubo...

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He sits

inspired by the art of Gal Or

By Hunter Baugh

He sits, longwinded as Zephyr can make a man,
and I wonder, do the crew make jokes.
"If only we culd git Captain Tarr ta' talk at the
sails a bit, we'd make port inna' few hours."

As he goes on and on about the...

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Thumb jumbo if you can imagine it2

Visualize Victory

inspired by the art of Kelvin Liew

By Arthur De Martino

The warrior sits down, contemplating the fight that is yet to come.

Will his axe be enough to cut the monster down?
Will his mace fell down the beast in a single blown?
Will his sword make a dent into the villain?

In his...

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Hedgehog's dilemma

inspired by the art of Hurcem Kucukdogan

By Arthur De Martino

Once upon a time, there were unprotected, unsanctioned "favelas" in Rio de Janeiro. The state pretended it didn't exist, and to get state sanctioned services (and even private services) the population in said favelas...

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Thumb jumbo battledruid

I am the yard

inspired by the art of Sergey Ushkov

By Arthur De Martino

'God damn whippersnappers! I told you to get off the yard! I told you to take your rap music with you! Why didn't you listen? Look at what you made me do! Now I am the yard! And I'll make you get off me!'

Yells the...

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Rooftop Acrobat

inspired by the art of Gal Or

By Arthur De Martino

So you found me. Clever girl... I had entire crime syndicates on my back and you sneak in like that? You managed to catch me by surprise! Now, I apologize for almost hitting you with my combat rod when you came out of...

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Magma crisis!

inspired by the art of Edouard Noisette

By Arthur De Martino

The sinister cloaked figure walked towards the strange crater that had emerged from the gutters of earth itself. A vicious smile in his crooked lips could be seem as several tombs emerge from the crater flowing with...

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Gummy Orc jingle

inspired by the art of Marcelo Pasqua

By Arthur De Martino

"Oh I'm a gummy orc.
Yes I'm a gummy orc.
Oh I'm a gummy orc.
Yes I'm a gummy orc.
Oh I'm a raidin' pillagin' scary loincloth gummy bear.
I'm a jelly orc.
Cause I´m a gummy orc.
Oh I'm a destroyin' ragin' fightin'...

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Thumb jumbo viaje copia

Fourth Class

inspired by the art of Ricard Cendra

By Arthur De Martino

"You know, you guys should at least give my dog a travel container or somethin'. It can get quite cold when your chair is actually two pegs you attach to a wing. Hello? Is there anyone listenin' to me? Uhn... Guys....

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Thumb jumbo the door

This is it boy, the next thing

inspired by the art of Dylan Eurlings

By Arthur De Martino

On the top of the cliff, a door. A passage for the unknown.
The boy had climbed that tree using everything he learned, from home economics to his top notch and well researched mountain climbing skills. Actually, he...

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My Nindo

inspired by the art of Julien Hauville

By Jaime McCall

The fact that he was leaving his village in ruins didn’t exactly set right with him.

Sure, he knew that it looked much worse than it was. But, there was no denying that it looked absolutely horrific. Almost...

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The things the Owls say

inspired by the art of Gary Laib

By Arthur De Martino

Quohik the Gnome was an adventurer like no other. He didn't venture into the ancient catacombs or slew any dragons, not himself per see. But his clockwork machines paired with his ancient magic proved to be as useful...

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