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Thumb jumbo superman10th

Let me tell you about Superman

inspired by the art of Chema Mansilla

By Arthur De Martino

Many people see Superman for what he is, or better yet, what's so apparent about him.
He is a character created in the 40's, purchased by a big publishing company (DC Comics) that then got snatched up by another big...

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Thumb jumbo batman  l

The Batman from the Dark Ages

inspired by the art of ahmed rawi

By Arthur De Martino

In the city that law forgot, there is a shout yelled by those who seek justice.


The 'noblesse oblige' of the Realm of Gotham made Wayneson's oath of revenge for the band of roving brigand a war. They took his...

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Thumb jumbo flute of knowledge

Songs of Regret

inspired by the art of Ivan Kashubo

By Joshua Senat

Memories flood back and I'm sent falling to the floor. I catch myself on the back of a chair and try to settle down.

Images creep into my head slowly, some good, some bad, but all too overwhelming.

"Reikon, calm your...

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Thumb jumbo hangar4 concept environment hd2

The day Earth was lost in silence

inspired by the art of Julien Hauville

By failkills007

Once they turned the machine on, all electronic devices stopped working, All our machines had stopped firing.

We couldn't fight their war with pure infantry. Without artillery, heavy ordinance It was a slaughter Earth...

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Excerpt from History of Barbary the Red, "Orc" captain of the Sleight Wench.

inspired by the art of Fırat Solhan

By Hunter Baugh

There have been many tales about the infamous pirate, a certain Barbary the Red. A large, broad shouldered human who was also captain of the Sleight Wench. You, reader, are likely apt to put this book down having...

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Thumb jumbo joseph  the ancient  forest dragon by mikeazevedo d7jlys8

Until The Last Leaf Had Fallen.

inspired by the art of Mike Azevedo

By Hunter Baugh

The dragon, in its quiet ferocity stared down the knight who tried everything he could to steady his horse in the face of the predator of predators. The knight, barely retaining his own sense of fear, immediately got...

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Thumb jumbo snowy ruins

The Path to Deadalis

inspired by the art of Leon Tukker

By Reneldy Senat

"Uh, sir, don't you think we're flying a little too low?" The co-pilot nervously peered out of the starboard window. The waters calmly danced with the reflection of distant sunlight and this dance angered the boy. The...

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Thumb jumbo king dodongo

The Dodongo Way

inspired by the art of Ursula Dorada

By Arthur De Martino

The fire mountains of Mount Death - Or perhaps any rocky/fire dungeon in any Zelda game.
It's almost a certainty that you will run into the King Dodongo or it's cousins in one way or another.
Massive, super powerful and...

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Thumb jumbo street scene3 small crop

Power Suit Warriors: backstage for the premiere

inspired by the art of Alex Figini

By Arthur De Martino

Hundreds of mooks, multiple spare power suits, and open air sets. Claire Lee tours the set of internet's new hit: Power Suit Warriors!

Here, right the middle of suburban Georgia we can see some of the award winning...

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Thumb jumbo gladi vic finalf3

Victory through grit

inspired by the art of Timothy Kong

By Arthur De Martino

Battle was all he knew.

He wasn't an ex-soldier from the Legion. Nor was he a street thug that happened to get snatched away for a gladiatorial life. Oh no.

He was bred for war.
He was trained to kill.

It made no...

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Thumb jumbo ophelia cover bypk

Ophelia, huh?

inspired by the art of Katerina

By Hunter Baugh

"For women's fear and love holds quantity, In neither aught, or in extremity. Now what my love is, proof hath made you know; And as my love is siz'd, my fear is so. Where love is great, the littlest doubts are fear;...

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Thumb jumbo 2

The wandering warrior

inspired by the art of Tyler Thull

By Arthur De Martino

The alias given to the golems animated through magic and science to fight wars in the name of wizards. They shape their bodies and give them minds, for War is an act created by people, with all the...

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