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Hunter Becomes Hunted

inspired by the art of aris falegos

By vapory

On your average day in the woods hunting a beast, you don't even realize you are being hunted.

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inspired by the art of LoperaCano

By Arthur De Martino

From the wild plains, he came.
A pig like none other.
A boar who happens to be a warrior, a Boarrior.

He gored the opposition, a swine in control.
He smashed his rivals, a hog in fame.
He didn't pose or indulge in his...

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Power Suit Warriors: backstage for the premiere

inspired by the art of Alex Figini

By Arthur De Martino

Hundreds of mooks, multiple spare power suits, and open air sets. Claire Lee tours the set of internet's new hit: Power Suit Warriors!

Here, right the middle of suburban Georgia we can see some of the award winning...

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In loss of a name

inspired by the art of Adam Kuczek

By Reneldy Senat

... because he's everything and nothing, all at the same time.

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In the Wreckage

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Jaime McCall

“Used to fly in the clouds…” “Bright as noon, even at midnight…” “Swim any time you wanted…” Phee did not hate his grandfather. Not really. But the old man’s ramblings had long ago lost what limited charm they might...

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Though he be but little, he is fierce!

inspired by the art of Stuart Harrington

By Mike

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Coming out of your shell

inspired by the art of pacojudge

By Arthur De Martino

Look  inside your bowels.

There it is! That feeling again. Nested in your innards, you might try to silence it. But it is part of you! It was born from you. Yet you deny it. You let it live there, rooted inside,...

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The Vertical March

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Arthur De Martino

The chilling wind was a reminder.
A reminder of all the hardships they had to endure.
All that was denied to them, all that was taken from them.
Yet they cling together. The three men fight the blizzard as they climb...

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Argent Mantle - Origins

inspired by the art of Victor Lahlou

By Arthur De Martino

Diabolo Franco has a score to settle.

He acted as a mercenary back in World War 3, to a mysterious contractor that went by the alias 'The Woman-With-Glasses'. She gave him his gear, a never seen before high tech...

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If 4 hands doesn't do it ...

inspired by the art of sabbas apterus

By Reneldy Senat

His name is ManFright. He has 4 hands, 6 fingers, a dozen horns, and a funky cape he uses to hide his many secrets. I hear you carry the Sword of War. Don't get cocky, hero. Our enemy carries something far worst....

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I was in love once.

inspired by the art of Victor Hugo Harmatiuk

By Mike

The lad, quivering in his boots looks up at me and my murderous growling. He seems to flit his shield arm aside, ushering me in. I can feel his soul as he soils himself. He begs a god that I do not know to spare him....

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A Conversation Behind Cover

inspired by the art of Kristian Llana

By Reneldy Senat

"Hey, come on man. I have a family!" "Everybody's always got a family." "But we are connected. I can get you anything you -" "- Listen, I've already got this 9mm, and a contract that says you're dead, son." "I'll give...

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