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Always check the map

inspired by the art of Bráulio Gregorio

By Arthur De Martino

'Uhmn... Hello? Is anyone here?'

Yells the adventurer, holding tight his torch. He slowly enters one of the many caves of that particular dungeon, each step draws him closer to the unknown.

'I'm looking for a Lich guy....

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Gamma bar Showdown!

inspired by the art of Andy Timm

By Arthur De Martino

Tuesdays nights at the Gamma bar!
The heroes of the multiverse gather at the popular bar, to share their stories, to drink away their defeats and mostly to mess around without a care in the world.
When the villain...

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Let me tell you about Ant-man

inspired by the art of Joe Darkbugg

By Arthur De Martino

Three characters sharing the name, power and presence of 'Ant-Man', a footnote in the Marvel Universe that had their mainstream time denied for not showing up on the cultural pop event that it was 'The Avengers' - The...

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Until They Rise

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Jaime McCall

When I was younger, just a child really, my mother used to take me walking near the stone giants. Just after tea she’d trundle me up in my shoes and hat. My older brother, Frederick, would be left to clear the table...

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That one time where a plane almost killed me

inspired by the art of mohammed rizwan

By Arthur De Martino

When I was fourteen years old, I had a near death experience. Not like you see in Hollywood though, I mean I didn't see a tunnel of light or saw my life flash through my eyes or anything like that. But a plane almost...

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Thumb jumbo ashes conceptart hdv3

My Nindo

inspired by the art of Julien Hauville

By Jaime McCall

The fact that he was leaving his village in ruins didn’t exactly set right with him.

Sure, he knew that it looked much worse than it was. But, there was no denying that it looked absolutely horrific. Almost...

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Thumb jumbo dmitry vishnevsky yuki6 8 1500

Try and Zerg Rush this

inspired by the art of Dmitry Vishnevsky

By Reneldy Senat

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Thanos x Death

inspired by the art of Lionel Cornelius Jr

By Arthur De Martino

Thanos is the big bad, the purple chin at the sky when it comes to the "Marvel cinematic universe" right? To the point that we cannot talk about "Thanos" without talking about the concept of "Death" in the Marvel...

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Can't buy this in the science museum gift shop

inspired by the art of Aldo Katayanagi

By Reneldy Senat

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Thumb jumbo batman  l

The Batman from the Dark Ages

inspired by the art of ahmed rawi

By Arthur De Martino

In the city that law forgot, there is a shout yelled by those who seek justice.


The 'noblesse oblige' of the Realm of Gotham made Wayneson's oath of revenge for the band of roving brigand a war. They took his...

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Thumb jumbo jahgdok

Smaugg's Segond Ghausin

inspired by the art of Aurore Folny

By Reneldy Senat

"I amg Smaugg's segond ghausin on gis mothger's side. Sorry... I have gallergies."

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The Magnanimous Magman!

inspired by the art of Christian Jaime Flores

By Arthur De Martino

As a geographer, Macario Maarku Makana was doing research on one of the largest volcanic tuff cones in all of Hawaii, the Diamond Head, which was part of the Volcanic Honolulu series.
As he was collecting...

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