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A minute before death

inspired by the art of Eric Gonzales

By rcavalcanti

Satoshi drew his sword and looked into Toyo's eyes. There was no passion, no compassion, no mercy. He had awaited too much to stop now. Toyo's eyes didnt show any fear, however he could not believe it was true. He...

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One man's trash is another man's extensive living area

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Reneldy Senat

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Act 4. Scene 7. Shakespeare's "The Empire Striketh back."

inspired by the art of Andre Sutherland

By Hunter Baugh

Duke Vader: Thou canst escape. Don't make me destroy you this eve. Thou dost not yet realize thy importance. Thou hast only begun to discover thy power. Join, and I shall complete thy training. With our strengths...

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The Batman from the Dark Ages

inspired by the art of ahmed rawi

By Arthur De Martino

In the city that law forgot, there is a shout yelled by those who seek justice.


The 'noblesse oblige' of the Realm of Gotham made Wayneson's oath of revenge for the band of roving brigand a war. They took his...

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Thumb jumbo sample05

Translation: Not today.

inspired by the art of Andre Sutherland

By Reneldy Senat

He speaks for the trees, and the trees say move along lumberjacks

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Last words of a fisherman

inspired by the art of ömer tunç

By Reneldy Senat

"Now, I know they said they're canceling the apocalypse and whatnot, but doesn't this kinda look like the end of the world?"

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Thumb jumbo kristian llana holy hill final

Doubt, in the morning

inspired by the art of Kristian Llana

By Hunter Baugh

He wondered perhaps
if God in heaven stoops
to paint the burlap sky; at all.

Or does the evening come
so lovely together on its own?
The way a tumble of paints
can visage themselves as a man,
a blade, or a horse,

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Thumb jumbo 2

Nose first

inspired by the art of Miglena Chervenkova

By Arthur De Martino

Absolute panic.
This is what you feel when the controls of the biplane start to fail and you are nose first into your death.
Protocol tells you to avoid populated areas, to crash your airship into the water But you are...

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Thumb jumbo 2

It all started with a radio.

inspired by the art of Mac Drabik

By Hunter Baugh

I remember, we were sitting in the barracks and Tom had this old AM-FM radio out; he was playing some old radio station recordings his great grandfather had recorded in The Warehouse. An alto woman singing that old...

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Thumb jumbo soldiernight

Markus "Pink-Warrior" Plinkett Calling Card

inspired by the art of valquiem

By Arthur De Martino

Street Name - Pink Warrior
Real name - Markus Plinkett (I ain't no coward, if Knight Errant wage slaves are reading this you know my name. Come and get me, corporate stooges.)

See pic to know why the funny street name....

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Thumb jumbo hyperbolt

Hyperbolt Character Card

inspired by the art of CARLOS VILLAS

By Arthur De Martino

Codename: Hyperbolt
Real Name: Raúl Escobar Nunez
Skill set: Mexican Pro Wrestling, cooking, acting.
Powers: Super Speed
Bio: After experiencing a Metaphysic Event, Raúl an unmasked Mexican luchador acquired...

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Thumb jumbo final 2000 1438

Star Wars: The search for the seven dragon balls

inspired by the art of Sebastian Horoszko

By Arthur De Martino

A long time ago, in a galaxy far,
far away....

It is a period of intergalactic war.
Rebel saiyan warriors, striking
from Master Roshi's house, have won
their first victory against
the evil Galactic Alliance.


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