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Iron Dragons

inspired by the art of Dean Mamnev

By Arthur De Martino

"Our wings take us above so we strike our enemies! Our breath baptizing them in fire and blood! Our claws ripping those who fight against the Emperor! We are Iron Dragons! show them our fury! for none shall find us...

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Thumb jumbo ihor pasternak prophet b10


inspired by the art of IHOR PASTERNAK


Player meets Scribe within a Limbo, the link between Worlds. Last shelter for those, soon to be vanished…

Stiffened at his young age, though eyes possess wisdom of an aged... How long does he dwell here? Ages?...

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Thumb jumbo gladi vic finalf3

Victory through grit

inspired by the art of Timothy Kong

By Arthur De Martino

Battle was all he knew.

He wasn't an ex-soldier from the Legion. Nor was he a street thug that happened to get snatched away for a gladiatorial life. Oh no.

He was bred for war.
He was trained to kill.

It made no...

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Thumb jumbo meeting by claudiopilia d7oqacw

Meeting the Blight King

inspired by the art of Claudio Pilia

By Mike

It is said that in all forests there is a natural flow of water in the roots. Rain falls, and it channels itself into the waiting alms-hands of the trees and weeds. But, in the damp low places of the woods, sometimes...

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Thumb jumbo ihor pasternak mute a8


inspired by the art of IHOR PASTERNAK


Player meets Mute during a Successful Takeover Operation of GCC Resistance Group Hideout, by Government Forces…

NSF Sergeant: Stay down, Rebel Scum! Stop Resisting! Do as I say or I will break your forearm!...

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Thumb jumbo test artwork finnoise

Marcus Malovich the 'Wandering Knight'

inspired by the art of Rastislav Le

By Arthur De Martino

Excerpt from 'Weekly Adventurers Around the Globe', a famous publication throughout the realms that details legendary heroes that stood up to protect the multiverse.

Marcus Malovich the 'Wandering Knight'

The Purple...

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Thumb jumbo asuka low

A second private message for Shinji

inspired by the art of Soufiane Idrassi

By Arthur De Martino

It's me.
Gendo Ikari again.
You know, your father?
Shinji, tell me. Was it Rei? I should've known. You are not into dominating girls, you are a useless, good for nothing, spineless fairy boy. You are a disgrace.


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Thumb jumbo isaacfull3 small

Isaac Unbound

inspired by the art of Marton Adam Marton

By Arthur De Martino

'Who am I?' whispers the young boy inside his dirty room. 'Isaac' was his given name, and life was confusing as it was unfair. While other kids had loving homes, his father left his mother - Who then became distant...

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Thumb jumbo wizard casters post

One last spell

inspired by the art of Jason Roll

By Arthur De Martino

Inside the Archmage's sanctum, one could hear the chanting.

'One last spell.
To bridge this world to the next.
A call out to the void.
To the sorrow.
An embrace of darkness.
To snuff out the last candle of light.
Let the end...

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Thumb jumbo dragonden

Always check the map

inspired by the art of BrĂ¡ulio Gregorio

By Arthur De Martino

'Uhmn... Hello? Is anyone here?'

Yells the adventurer, holding tight his torch. He slowly enters one of the many caves of that particular dungeon, each step draws him closer to the unknown.

'I'm looking for a Lich guy....

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Thumb jumbo demon lord low

He's known as the Lord of Demons

inspired by the art of Soufiane Idrassi

By Reneldy Senat

Bow down mortals.

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Thumb jumbo steven cormann final highres

Capsule Corp. portable (used) Spaceship for sale

inspired by the art of Steven Cormann

By Arthur De Martino

$9,000. Located in West City. Custom upgraded, Mass Manafuctred, Mobile unit, two bedroom w/Den, two bath. Balcony has incredible gravity device. Custom kitchen with granite countertops, perfect for cooking...

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