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Thumb jumbo gorilla

Monkey Man

inspired by the art of Mohammad Qureshi

By Arthur De Martino

Here comes the Monkey Man chasing me!
The Monkey Man who has no soul or heart.
Yelling like crazy.

Trying to catch me.
If this dude snatches me he will kill me.
The Monkey man who has no soul or heart.

He caught the tune...

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Thumb jumbo jeremyd funlaborcom piano

Father, the piano.

inspired by the art of Jeremy Deveraturda

By Hunter Baugh

I smell tobacco in the grain, and each note comes out opaque and brown.
As though spat into some ethereal cup hovering beneath the pedals,
the pedals unreachable, my feet dangle helplessly. The notes of the song fall,...

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Thumb jumbo diabloiii shield

The Shield-maiden that broke my nose.

inspired by the art of Ruan Jia

By Hunter Baugh

"Surely that last bit was excessive. Yes, I did slap her ass. Yes, I did ask her if she wanted to see my mace, and no I didn't mean a real mace. But a shield to the face? Come, governor. You must see reason, we cannot...

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Thumb jumbo ethereal spell binder

Alomonadeus the 'Lightwarden'

inspired by the art of Jose Vega

By Arthur De Martino

Excerpt from 'Weekly Adventurers Around the Globe', a famous publication throughout the realms that details legendary heroes that stood up to protect the multiverse.

Alomanadeus the 'Lightwarden' Entry
Not all...

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Thumb jumbo alalalalong s

Bastion City

inspired by the art of Cristian Chihaia

By Arthur De Martino

When Maxiricius Corp got the AI CEO, Avalon, a great turmoil happened in the Synthetics vs. Human dictomy.
"How can a machine deal with the free market? How can it react to the frivolous human demand? How can it risk,...

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Thumb jumbo street scene3 small crop

Power Suit Warriors: backstage for the premiere

inspired by the art of Alex Figini

By Arthur De Martino

Hundreds of mooks, multiple spare power suits, and open air sets. Claire Lee tours the set of internet's new hit: Power Suit Warriors!

Here, right the middle of suburban Georgia we can see some of the award winning...

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Thumb jumbo gladi vic finalf3

Victory through grit

inspired by the art of Timothy Kong

By Arthur De Martino

Battle was all he knew.

He wasn't an ex-soldier from the Legion. Nor was he a street thug that happened to get snatched away for a gladiatorial life. Oh no.

He was bred for war.
He was trained to kill.

It made no...

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Thumb jumbo nathanielpengson personalwork gift


inspired by the art of Nathaniel Pengson

By Arthur De Martino

They came without warning.
The beings of light beamed down to the unsuspecting cave. In His hands, the fruit of knowledge, of evil, of good.
The precious and loving package slips from the being, into the hands of the...

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Thumb jumbo 72471dd79b085143ec001856a7188bc739340c0c

Excerpt from History of Barbary the Red, "Orc" captain of the Sleight Wench.

inspired by the art of Fırat Solhan

By Hunter Baugh

There have been many tales about the infamous pirate, a certain Barbary the Red. A large, broad shouldered human who was also captain of the Sleight Wench. You, reader, are likely apt to put this book down having...

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Thumb jumbo mars

Life in Mars

inspired by the art of Ricard Cendra

By Arthur De Martino

Log entry number 034 - Life on Mars

The silence, the lack of interaction, the feeling of isolation. That is the Mars experience in a nutshell. Mostly loner types volunteered to the mission. Why would a regular person...

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Thumb jumbo eggman

Doctor Eggman!

inspired by the art of Antonio Minuto

By Arthur De Martino

"Why is your face made out of fried eggs? Why are your eyes the sunny side? Your face doesn't even make sense, old man!"

Barked Wasp Eye Lad - our hero - as the minions of the terrible Doctor Eggman dragged him to his...

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Thumb jumbo cornered

Fated Encounter

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Arthur De Martino

"Child of Man, why do you trespass my domain?"

Hissed the majestic creature. His tone was of curiosity.

"S-Stay back!"

Yells the young girl. She loses her footing, almost falling to the floor. As she tries to balance...

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