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Disturb me not, in my slumber; and I will not quake the earth.

inspired by the art of Arash Eftekhari

By Hunter Baugh

Disturb me not, in my slumber; and I will not quake the earth. Breach not the entrance to my cavern blue, or feel the words of your final moments as laughter echoing, frostily, from my mouth as I pretend to enjoy...

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He picked a bad day to come out of the woods

inspired by the art of Juan Novelletto

By Hunter Baugh

"Fuckin' stupid-ass kid." Mike, blood smeared all over his left arm as he wiped sweat from his face, said to the food truck as he staggered away. He felt the wound in his back shaking him in his soul. "Fuckin'....

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Thumb jumbo arnaud pheu sentinels

Tony's Job

inspired by the art of Arnaud Pheu

By Omar Gonzalez

"We really need a railing here or something. You know Mike's kid wandered up here last week? Could you imagine the shitstorm that would erupt if he had fallen off?"

Charles had been complaining all morning about his...

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Thumb jumbo forestfaces

Until They Rise

inspired by the art of Alexander Forssberg

By Jaime McCall

When I was younger, just a child really, my mother used to take me walking near the stone giants. Just after tea she’d trundle me up in my shoes and hat. My older brother, Frederick, would be left to clear the table...

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His eyes scream a thousand words

inspired by the art of Mac Drabik

By Reneldy Senat

... and none of them are pleasant.

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Thumb jumbo truegrit

The Truest Grit

inspired by the art of jonching

By Arthur De Martino

Truest Grit isn't about putting your life on the line nor it's about being tougher than a 2 dollar steak.
It's about understanding that courage isn't the absence of fear, but the force that marches on even all the odds...

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Thumb jumbo superman10th

Let me tell you about Superman

inspired by the art of Chema Mansilla

By Arthur De Martino

Many people see Superman for what he is, or better yet, what's so apparent about him.
He is a character created in the 40's, purchased by a big publishing company (DC Comics) that then got snatched up by another big...

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Thumb jumbo turning point final

Breaking Heart

inspired by the art of Hugh Pindur

By Joshua Senat

I had always had trouble with my anger, and right now wasn't any different. My breathing quickened, spots formed in front of my eyes, my whole body tingled. It was uncontrollable. A horde of Mak'Saham had gathered...

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Journal Entry No. 34

inspired by the art of Sergey Ushkov

By Hunter Baugh

In the morning the snow had buffeted my temporary shelter, which I crafted from a human thimble and a half-frozen towel some child must have left in the snow. I had made significant progress towards my goal when a...

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Thumb jumbo fisk

Keep kicking him, keep kicking him, keep kicking him!

inspired by the art of Chema Mansilla

By Hunter Baugh

I remember the taste. 

The strange, saltiness that reminded me too much of the crinkle cut fries that were once my favorite. I would never eat them again after this moment, as I saw the small hole in the back of...

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Thumb jumbo hong kong 4000 by erenarik d7rde6d

Where's Waldo?

inspired by the art of Eren ARIK

By Hunter Baugh

Totes found him.

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Thumb jumbo meeting by claudiopilia d7oqacw

Meeting the Blight King

inspired by the art of Claudio Pilia

By Hunter Baugh

It is said that in all forests there is a natural flow of water in the roots. Rain falls, and it channels itself into the waiting alms-hands of the trees and weeds. But, in the damp low places of the woods, sometimes...

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