Alexander Nanitchkov

Available for freelance

Welcome to my ArtLords site! My name is Alexander Nanitchkov and I have been painting for almost two decades though I started doing it professionally in the last five years. I favored acrylic paints on canvas but in the last five years, I am steadily turning towards the digital medium. I like exploring conceptual environments and character design, with an emphasis on composition, mood and atmosphere. I am attracted by the truth in art and the fact that truth is not a choice of context. It is the whole truth and not a stylized version, trading reality for an elaborate but shallow way of saying too little. That or the shiny and polished, idealized version of the truth waxed to the point it starts dripping. I shy from such obscuring silization, avoid polish, strive to find realism even where it is non existent and always tend to leave bit of a smudged (un)finish with an original focal point.

Gender Male
Location Sofia