electrodome 3 by fabiotimpanaro
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02574ac03e1c76ebcb387825181cea69 Fabio Timpanaro


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Electrodome 3

Published over 7 years ago

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"Electrodome: Agents of C.L.E.A.N." is an experimental project of STORM. We wanted to picture a brand new superheroes team, such like Avengers, with "different"and unconventional powers and abilities related to the most common appliances we use everyday: irons, hair dryers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc. The main goal is to create a high impact collection of images with a sci-fi feel and commercial use with a adv oriented language. Ph: Eolo Perfido - Post and Comp: Fabio Timpanaro

Filed under: Digital Art

Made with Leica camera and Wacom Intous Pro S and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Stock