dragon ball fan art by stevencormann
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Welcome Mr Cormann, I am writing in the comment because I cannot find any other info to contact you. I wanted to ask if there is a possibility of using probably in the future for commercial use this specific Art? Me and my friend are looking for the background which we will use in our dancing tutorials on youtube. Only your one and only this one is fitting perfectly. In editing phase we will changing our greenscreen are for this particular photo. Probably a little bit changes like cropped. The surface is perfect and everything is perfect as we needed. If there will be no problem we will be very grateful and of course your Artlords link or whatever you want will be posted under every movie we will make with this photo usage. We want to start our new project in 1-2 weeks max. Link: facebook.com/partybrokers/ ! Looking forward to your answer or any kind of information from you :) My e-mail: hpsenei@gmail.com My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hpsenei Contact us with better option for you, of course :) Thanks a lot for answering in advance. Sincerely, Łukasz Gołąbek and Tomasz Gawliczek both fans and guys who grew up on dragonball series. That's why it's very important to us. Have a nice day :)

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Dragon Ball Fan Art

Published almost 8 years ago

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Something I did during my free time. I'm still workig on it, I got to make it a little bigger

Filed under: Science Fiction

Made with maya and keyshotphotoshop