Yacine Brinis

Yacine BRINIS is 3D Artist, 3D Generalist, Concept Artist, Character Designer, SCI-FI Costume Designer, and Art Director. He work in the Film Industry, TV Show, and Video Games. Yacine BRINIS is a young Algerian Concept and 3D Artist, Original of the Kabily, born in Marsh 09th, 1993 at Sidi-Aich (Bejaia), he Mainly works in the domain of infographics and imagery generated by computer, he discovered his interest for the infographic as a teenager using the computer. Years later, he created his first models, and then till now he still producing and does not stop it. Yacine graduated from (School of Fine Art of Mostaganem) in 2015 in Algeria, specialized in Design, he also followed several cours of 3D Animation in the Comic Strip International Festival Algeria (FIBDA 7). His one and only desire is to work in the Film Industry, Video Game and TV Show ; telling humanists stories through fictional characters inspired of the large-scale science, adventure decorations, actions and environments based on his ideas and original works of art. Trying a little of everything guided him to concentrate his attention to Character Design, Creatures, Decoration, Visual Effect (VFX), and 3D Animation. Specific skills: -Drawing (Traditional, and digital), painting, (Traditional, and digital), sculpture (Digital), 3D modeling. -Innovative, able to teamwork, and a real motivation for the use of animation techniques 3D. -Passionate, motivated, perfectionist, like practice, and discover new software, he work independently. -Creation of simulations and rigs for photo-realistic creatures; including clothing, fur, feathers, hair, muscle and skin. -Conduct researches in accordance with the project -Gather, manage and organize references used for modeling -Create the digital modeling according to the developed concept or according to the references obtained -Make UVs on selected objects -Create textures on objects -Create lighting for scenes -Prepare layers expected by the compositing team -Start renders and check the quality of rendered pictures -Identify, analyze, solve and document problems encountered -Excellent knowledge in fine art and design (sculpture, drawing, industrial design etc.) -Excellent knowledge in 3D Studio Max -Excellent knowledge in ZBrush -Excellent knowledge in Photoshop -Excellent attention to detail -Ability to work within Vray / MentalRay -Some skill in the following: Character Rigging, Particule Systems, 3D Animation, VFX, Shadres The mastery of computer tools: -3D Studio Max -ZBrush -Mental Ray -Vray -Photoshop -Illustrator -Indisign -After Effects -Premiere- -Vegas Pro -Sketch Up -Art Rage -Corel Painter -Microsoft Office -Graphic Tablet -Internet Services: -3D Modeling -3D Character Design -Creature Design -SCI-FI Costume Design -Hard Surfaces Modeling -High Resolution Modeling -Environment Design -Concept Art -Texturing -Maping -Lighting -Rigging -Retopology -Rendering -Compositing Passion, honesty, creativity, and curiosity: Open to considering the other perspective, and sometimes have the responsibility to come up with it. Interested in how other people are doing “their things” too, and how all of those “things” can be done better. I understand the people i work with are as important as me, and believe that what’s good for the projects, and good for the campanies are likely what’s good for me too. I listen to what other people are saying and understand it. I can communicate well with others in writing and in person because i know i'm not alone. I don’t do something wrong simply because i “am told to” and i'm not afraid to speak up respectfully when it’s important. You want everything to be the best it can be, and me do too. I take risks and responsibility in proportional measure, and i am reliable. When i say it’ll be done, it gets done. I know what to do. And i know what i need to do now and what i can do later. I know if it needs a bandage or a cure. And i know what’s going to happen after i am done with it. Interest: -Opera and Theatre; -Movies with powerful special effects (Science-fiction and adventure); -Music for films and video games; -Travelling; -kitchen; -Hip-Hop Dance; -Visits: Museums, Monuments and Cathedrals; -National, and international festivities; -Photography.

Gender Male
Location Bejaia, Algeria